Monroe, Connecticut


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In 2005 Money Magazine selected Monroe as the best Town to live in Connecticut.  The rural character of Monroe with its woods, rolling hills, lakes, commitment to the preservation of open space as well as education makes Monroe  one of the fastest growing Towns in Connecticut.   Recreation is a major component of the quality of life in Monroe and Wolfe Park its center of play with 379 acres, a 16 acre artificial lake with a wide beach, tennis courts, basketball and athletic fields. A Senior Center was also built along side Wolfe Park for access to the recreational facilities.

Homes range from very affordable to custom luxury as well as planned development clusters of single family homes.  Its Center is typical New England Village, with the town hall, green, and historic homes.  Monroe is not served by a rail.  Most commuters use the Merritt or I-95.  There are offices and some commercial development, but few large businesses in Monroe.  Route 111, its main road accessed via Route 25 has various strip malls with tenants ranging from grocery stores to Home Depot.

In 2005 Monroe expanded and renovated its Masuk High School building fields and a new performance auditorium.  Of the 1500 students at Masuk high school, 119 took AP tracks and 159  participated in AP tests.  122 Test scored at 3 or above.  Its CAPT test (Connecticut Aptitude Performance Testing) is routinely in the mid-90’s while the state averages is in the upper 70’s.  Strong academic performance with high SAT scores, 3 Merit Scholars  this year and 6 commended scholars demonstrates Masuk’s academic excellence.  A unique program with the University of Connecticut offers college level courses during High School.

Masuk’s Panther Football team won the Connecticut State Championship in 2010. The 2010 Marching Band won 1st place in the state Musical Arts Conference after 6 -1st place wins and 19 Capiton Awards. In art, two students won a gold key for art portfolios and one silver key for photography.

Private schools are also available in the area, most notably St. Jude’s (PreK-8) which offers a rigorous academic program and a state wide known fine basketball program.